Important checklist you should know before you check in Thailand

Important checklist you should know before you check in Thailand

Thailand check is the guide for all travelers to prepare before landing to Thailand, the land of smile.

Travel to Thailand

There are several ways to come to this country depending on where you are coming from.

By Air: The main airport in Thailand are in Bangkok is called Suvarnabhumi International Airport. But there are many other airports in each region around Thailand for travelers to connect to all parts of the country, such as in Chiang Mai, Phuket, Koh Samui and Krabi. One trick is that since there is a high competition in the domestic market, the travelers to compare flight fares from more than one source before you book. Also be careful with the original price because there may be a large amount of additional taxes and surcharges applied in the continued booking stage. So, see, you can continue the reservation process until the final total price is shown. The popular airline for domestic flights in Thailand Airways, Bangkok Air, Bangkok Airways, Nok Air and Air Asia.

By Train: If tourists travel from Malaysia, is a train is another option to enter Thailand. Since the railroad connecting to all parts of the country, if the tourists do not mind spending some more time to transport, this is another option to travel around the country and enjoy nature in Thailand.

By Boat: This method is becoming more popular nowadays. The cruise line on their way to Southeast Asia route, including visiting Thailand. The recommended 5-star service cruise Costa Cruises.

Checklist before check in Thailand

The first Finding some basic information

After selecting the shipment to enter the country, learn a little basic information is always a wise idea to do before arrival.

Tourism Authority of Thailand or TAT is always a reliable and valuable source to search for any information about the country. The most important channel to connect to the TAT is through its website. Moreover, even when you have entered the country, there are many branches of the TAT around Thailand to serve tourists, starting from an at Suvarnabhumi Airport.

The second Vaccinations Preparation

term health preparation vaccinations against hepatitis A and B, polio, rabies, typhoid and tuberculosis are recommended but not necessary. If you plan to come into the jungle around the border areas (connected to Cambodia, Myanmar and Laos), the Malaria vaccination is also recommended.

The third Entry document checking Thailand Check out

For Visa, the rules for visa to change without notice so when planning to visit Thailand, be sure to check again with the Thai embassy before they travel. The passport must be valid at least six months from the day you arrive in Thailand.

The fourth Prepare some money and know its value

If the currency, the currency used in Thailand is Thai Baht (฿). His money is both coins and notes, beginning with "satang" coins, 100 satangs equal to 1 baht, one baht, 2 baht, 5 baht and 10 baht coins. For notes is 1000 baht, 500 baht, 100 baht, 50 baht and 20 baht notes. One recommendation is to not store large denomination banknotes in 1000 or 500 notes or try to change them to the less as street vendors or taxi usually do not have large amount of change. Exchange counters are also scattered around the country, especially in tourist resorts. It is strongly recommended to exchange your money in these banks' funds rather than the hotel rate from the latter one would be more expensive. In addition to money, it is also a wise idea to take pictures with you as ATMs are widely available everywhere around Thailand. Credit cards are also accepted in many places, but you must keep an eye on who handles your card to avoid cheating methods such as copying your card codes.

The fifth Clothing to match the climate

The usual weather in Thailand is hot. There is a Thai joke that Thailand has three seasons: hot, hotter and hottest. As a consequence, clothes to be used in this country be any light with short sleeves. But pants or long skirts is something you should also take at least one that some tourist attractions such as temples will not allow people with shorts or linen to get into some winter clothing may be needed if you plan to go into the mountains in the north or northeast of the country during the winter, otherwise they will be pretty useless for your trip. To be sure of this, it is strongly recommend travelers to check the weather again before leaving.

The sixth Baggage check-in

To make your Thailand check in smoother, make compensation if your luggage properly and make sure your bags are not overloaded. The baggage is up to the airline policy to check this in your booking as issued by the airline.

After all lists have been checked, you will be quite ready to check in to Thailand. The last suggestion is to always find the promotional price in advance of any services you use in Thailand such as housing, transportation, limousines, spas or other activities. Many services are often offered with promotion rates for purchase.

You can check out more information about Thailand here.

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