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Phuket is Thailand's largest island and has a bridge to the mainland. Here you will find great beaches with white sand and crystal clear waters and the island offers many different activities such as diving, snorkeling, sailing, canoeing, elephant riding and golf. Although Phuket with a reputation for being very "touristy" island is so large that it is hardly difficult to find it there that feels more unexplored and exciting.

The most popular destination on Phuket is Patong, Karon and Kata. Phuket offers a variety of restaurants offering cuisine from all corners of the menu, excellent shopping and varied nightlife (particularly in Patong).

The most popular destinations to travel to Phuket, Patong, Karon and Kata. Phuket offers a variety of restaurants where you can find food from all corners of the world, excellent shopping and a varied nightlife (particularly in Patong).

The city center in Phuket is an exciting blend of old and new, peaceful, vibrant, simple and sophisticated. Phuket Town has the most diverse range of restaurants on the island. Shopping opportunities are also very good and the town also has several museums, including museums such as Thalang National Museum, which is Phuket's most important center for culture and history.

It is not without reason that Phuket has become so popular: It changes a lot, offers a broad nature, more than four mil beaches, oats, cliffs, beautiful white beaches, tropical vegetation, rubber plantations and coconut palms. Beautiful and interesting for every penny.

Throughout history, Phuket has become a meeting place for many different cultures: Portuguese sailors, Chinese traders, Arabs and Tamils ​​from India - they've all been here. This is reflected mainly in all the various dishes being served.

See and Do in Phuket

If you are looking for a party, sun and shopping Patong is the best place. Looking for a cozy spa facilities, there are around every corner. I just Patong are a variety of beaches - if one likes to sunbathe as recommended Freedom Beach where you can get to by boat. On Freedom Beach you will find a cozy restaurant.

Want to try other wonderful beaches, we also recommend Kata, Rawai, Nai Harn, Kamala and Surin. All are just a short distance (10-40 minutes) and there is plenty to see on the road.


Phuket is the best when it comes to the range and variety of activities, there is much to do and see:

- Asia's largest Buddha figure is 30 minutes from Kata. A unique creation.
- The rainforest in the national park Khaeo Phra Taeo.
- Thai Village with Thai boxing, puppet shows and folk dancing.
- Phuket Butterfly Garden with colorful fishes and butterflies.
- The National Park Khao Phra Taew Forest Reserve
- Day trips to Phi Phi Island where the movie The Beach was filmed.
- Scuba diving and snorkeling, sailing, deep sea fishing and kayaking.

For both children and adults
- Rehabilitation of the gibbons at the Bang Pae
- Phuket Fantasea, a theme park that resembles some kind of Las Vegas (without playing).
- Koh Hae is a coral island in Rawai. Great beaches and snorkeling opportunities.

Restaurants in Phuket

Try Sea Hag Patong, which offers among the best food in Patong. Although it all may look a little "cheap" out, the food is excellent. Sea Hag Patong is located on Soi Perm Pong 3, a side street off the Strand in Patong.

Between Kata and Karon are also 5-6 restaurants that are recommended, just to take one of them. One tip is to try the fish there. Another tip is Kata Bar BQ, which Liger in the southern part of the beach. It serves both lunch and dinner. In the southern part of Karon Beach is also Marina Cottage is an excellent restaurant and highly recommended. It is previs the beach.

Beach holiday in Phuket

Kata Beach

Kata Beach is usually the family's favorite. Suitable for families and those who want a little more of a quiet beach. Kata Beach is a wide beach with a great location in a crescent shaped bay surrounded by palm trees.

Just beyond the beach area is like a small village with restaurants, shops. Kata Beach is truly one of Phuket's tranquil beach resorts, no seedy bars and thumping discos. Both Kata and Karon are favorites among Swedish tourists. There, you hear people speak Swedish, Danish and Norwegian everywhere.

You will also find restaurant Mom Tri's Boathouse, one of Phuket's best restaurants. There is also a wine cellar rewarded for being the absolute world class.


Best for young revelers. This is Phuket's most developed beach and on every street at the nearby beach there are bars, restaurants, shops and everything. Tailors, taxi drivers, masseurs and bartenders can almost pounce on you sometimes. Loud music emanating from the discos until the early morning.

Kamala: relaxed beach bars

Kamala is best suited for those who truly seek it where calm and relaxing atmosphere. Kamala is also the first beach you come to if you travel north from Patong. The contrast to Patong is very large. Behind the beach dominates the usual Thai daily life and on the beach, the mood is always more relaxed.

Surin Beach

Suitable for eg romantic couple, but Surin Beach is being developed and it goes pretty fast. New restaurants set up all the time and the construction of five star hotels are not exactly uncommon in the area. At one end of Surin Beach you will find the ultra-exclusive Amanpuri Hotel is Phuket's biggest celebrity magnet.

Surin has soft and smooth sand. However, there may be strong currents and difficult to swim it.

Bang Thao: Luxury

Bang Thao stretching almost as far as the eye can see. The beach meets all requirements for a tropical dream: Soft white sand, swaying palm trees and turquoise sea. The most accessible part of Bang Thao is dominated by the Laguna Phuket is a large area with five large luxury hotels, including Banyan Tree, Dusit and Sheraton. These hotels and resorts located some distance from the beach around a number of lagoons. The beach itself is open to all and there are some simple bars and restaurants that do not belong to the hotels.

In the small town in the lagoon is less tourist traffic than the beaches further south. At Bang Thao is quiet, and very little else to do for a new luxury hotel's superior facilities. Sheraton Grande Laguna pool of 323 meters is a good option if there are rough seas.

In the small town that there are less tourists than the beaches further south. Bang Thao is more quiet and there's not much else to do than the luxury hotels offer (other than sun, beach and bath time). Sheraton Grande Laguna Pool include: 323 square meters and offers a good alternative to the sea if for some reason you get tired of it.

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