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Krabi, surrounded by conical mountains, sea and mangrove, is a country town 90 mil south of Bangkok. The climate is humid tropical, and here we are treated to the beautiful white beaches and soft sand.

Flights to Krabi have puff dramatically in recent years, but compared to Phuket and Krabi Pattaya is a relatively low profile still. Many who travel to Krabi want both nature and beaches. Rock climbing, bird watching, canoeing, diving, golf and horseback riding there are plenty of among the range of things to do in Krabi. Within easy reach of Krabi, one also finds Koh Lanta, Phi Phi Islands and several small lush paradise.

South of Krabi, is one of Thailand's most precious rainforests, which offers hot springs and a lush jungle.

In Krabi town's many buildings newer and characteristically in concrete and cement. Street Life is typically Thai and far from each tailored to tourists' thicker wallets. Compared to many other places they have not Krabi same type of problems with prostitution and drugs.

Shopping in Krabi is nice without being unnecessarily luxurious. The funniest markets offer things like fresh fish, vegetables fun and plenty of stir-fries, chili and other tasty dishes. The beaches Ao Nang and Railay beach outside Krabi town is located in the surreal landscape of mountains with jagged peaks. Both the beaches are deserted a visit if one of my trips to Krabi.


Krabi is a relatively new destination in Thailand, not as new as Koh Chang but possibly in relation to Phuket, Hua Hin, Koh Samui and Pattaya, it is traveling to Krabi, a relatively new phenomenon. A few decades ago there were only a small fishing village with few houses on stilts there. In the 80's discovered the destination of the first tourists. Shortly thereafter grew Krabi to become a real city.

In Krabi, tourism is, not surprisingly, the most important industry. The smell of dried fish has long been replaced by the smell of sunscreen and the filming of the movie "The Beach" on the neighboring island of Phi Phi Islands have also helped to increase interest in Krabi to the world.

The airport of Krabi is fairly new, but there are already plans to expand it to take on more international routes. As expected influx of tourists to increase even more and it's no wonder - Travel Krabi is rarely a bad idea.

Flights to Krabi

Several Swedish charter operators have flights to Krabi, but to go with them can become very costly as it generally always hidden costs that make the final price can be several thousand dollars more than the advertised prices refer. Only one shuttle could go on in 1500: - per person. There are almost always usually better to book in a good travel agent instead, I usually book with Jade Travel is something of a specialist for travel to Thailand and other Asian countries and has several good agreement with the main airlines.

The airport in Krabi is located about 10 mil to the east of the city. The easiest way to get from there is by taxi or 'Songthaew (bus taxi / public taxis).

Getting Around

The big bus station in Krabi called Ban Talaat Kao and is approximately 5 mil north of the city. From there the bus for example Bangkok and Phuket. The distances in the city itself is very short and as you could be getting somewhere suitable, it is usually better by taxi. The beaches on one side is only about 5 km from the city center as either a taxi, Songthaew, motorcycle taxi or boat is recommended to get there.

If you are planning to get out to many of the beautiful, smaller islands which are the Phi Phi Islands, Koh Lanta, Koh Jam and Ao Railay is passed on boats there. The easiest way is to just ask at your hotel or take you down to the popular beaches where they usually depart from.


Ao Nang
Krabi's main tourist resort, located about 5 km from the city center. There are plenty of hotels and restaurants, but also stunning beaches and very green mountains and sea. This soft, white beach, but close to transport and taxis put it on here.

Railay Beach / Ao Railay
No traffic, just sea, greenery and Sierra. Railay Beach is shallow, beautiful and has silky white sand. Behind all the coconut trees are bungalows, some shops and some restaurants. Railay Beach is a bit calmer, and he is therefore also good for families with children.

Ao Phra Nang
Just outside of Railay Beach is one of Thailand's most beautiful beaches. The sea is bright turquoise and the sand really like that soft and white as you can dream to. The landscape around Ao Phra Nang is as taken from the movie "Jurassic Park", but fortunately you avoid all carnivorous dinosaurs.

Islands around Krabi

Koh Lanta
Located about two hours by boat from Krabi. On this island is not very difficult to find peace and quiet. Jungle is what dominates the landscape here and the whole island is really green and lush. Traffic on the island is really minimal and you will find one of the clearest water in the south of Thailand here. Haad Take Noad and Waterfall Bay are two of Koh Lanta's most beautiful beaches. Both are very suitable for families.

Phi Phi Islands
Surprisingly beautiful, but has become quite exploited over the years (perhaps because it is so beautiful). Yet it is still definitely motivated to take a trip to Phi Phi Islands. This is not an island but an island group where the main island of Phi Phi Don, including has sandy beaches Ao Ton Sai and Lo Dalam, where the two offers rare turquoise water. On the uninhabited islands of Phi Phi Ley is Maya Bay that most stands out. It is the beach where "The Beach" was filmed. Entire Phi Phi is suitable for families with children.


Most who travel to Krabi often choose to stay in bungalows on the beaches Ao Nang and Railay Beach. Prices can vary quite widely depending on the season, but if you have more time than money, there are plenty of cheap accommodation in Krabi town. Hotels can of course also book via the Internet, see eg . Below are some recommendations:

Krabi Town
KR Mansion Hotel: The hotel's strength is a wonderful restaurant and a very quiet location. Double room with shower and toilet is not very expensive. Friendly staff and a cozy roof terrace that looks perfect for a cold beer in the evening makes this hotel a pleasant experience.

Price Range: Cheap, Tel: 075 61 27 612, E-mail: , Address: 51 / 1 Chao Fah Road

Ao Nang
- Want to Place: Bungalows and hotel rooms along the beach at Ao Nang. The owner Stephan is from Switzerland and has written explanation to the Swiss brewed coffee on restaurant menu. Beautiful bungalows with air conditioning and fans. Has a pool.

Price range: Medium, Tel: 075 53 73 22 Web:

- Phra Nang Inn: Based exemplary of the organic concept. Beautiful buildings that are well landscaped. The building is somewhat reminiscent of a type of fairy-tale castle. Beautiful gardens and pool.

Price range: Medium, Tel: 075 63 71 30th

Ao Railay
Railay Village Resort: Bungalows and pool under the palm trees just outside Ao Railay beaches. The bungalow's are nice and have air conditioning and fan. There are also bones nice restaurant.

Price range: Medium, Tel: 075 622 578

Food and Dining

In Krabi you can eat and revel in the best cuisine that is available for a few dollars. The food is spicy and made with care in fresh ingredients. Spices come from the lush hinterland and seafood from the Andaman Sea.

Here are some of the dishes you might encounter:

- Satay. Skewers dipped in peanut sauce strong.
- Masaman curry. Contains peanuts, potatoes, shrimp, chili and red curry. Strong, but not fiery strong.
- Pad Thai. Fry noodles mixed with all sorts of goodies, often eggs, shrimp, bean sprouts, chilli and garlic. Sometimes with chopped peanuts and lime.
- Khao phat. Thailand's national dish. A base of rice, green and lime varied with shrimp, ham or chicken. Fried eggs are often just as chopped peanuts.
- Kuay-tiao. Noodles with thin slices of duck meat and some vegetables.
- Kaeng Paet. With chicken named quay, with beef Neua, with ham Muu.
- Kaeng Khiaw-Waan kai. Chicken with green curry.

Among beer Singha is very popular (also available to buy at the liquor store in Sweden) and it is a fresh and tangy sommaröl (try before you go!).


The Buddhist temple Wat Tham Seua located four miles north of Krabi is a southern Thailand's most famous Buddhist temples, has a prime position on the surreal karst. If you follow the steps in 1237, is the Buddha's footsteps, you will be offered an unbeatable panoramic view of the mangroves, the delta and the sea.

Wat Kaew, another temple, situated on a green hill above the city center of Krabi. This temple is fairly new, but still worth a visit. In the morning, a large number of monks in yellow saffron. Many are generally quite inquisitive and often speaks english okay.

Morning Market, Morning Market, behind Vieng Thong Hotel in Phrukasuthit Road / Soi Maharaj should come early in the morning. Then you can really experience a great view and can benefit from the first harvest those of freshly caught shark, sliced ​​fruit and heaps of red and fresh chili. Much of the restaurants are using come from the fact that market.

Mangrove forests located in the outskirts of Krabi is one of the world's richest ecosystems. Monitor lizards, snakes and monkeys are some of the animals that live there and some of the world's rarest birds. The best way to experience this environment is on a tour with the legendary wizard Mister Dai.

Coast of Krabi has his own island. With known. longtail boats can travel to islands like Koh Lanta, Kok Paki, Koh Daeng, Ko Poda, Ko Ko and Thaba Hua Khwaan where the latter is better known as "Chicken Island".

Famous James Bond Island is otherwise located in Phan-Nga Bay, located one hour north of Krabi town. Here you are met by a seductive landscape of conical hills, much like being in a strange underwater world.

Rainforest Reserve at Khao Nor is one of Southeast Asia's most important nature reserves. This is a park where animals and forest are living on their own terms and you'll find four kinds of monkeys, leopards and a host of globally threatened bird species there.


- Clothing: On every street in Krabi town sold plenty of copies, and more. Finding clothes that are not very difficult.
- Silk: Thai silk is one of the finest in the world. One can measure ordering things by tailors in Krabi town or part of the shore.
- Gold, silver and jewelry: Low prices. But be aware that many counterfeit goods in circulation.
- Warehouse: Retailing at Maharaad Road. Three floors of cheap clothes, clothes, shoes, books, CDs, etc. The Books on the same street is the city's best bookstore. Recommended if you want to avoid all the small shops and individual sellers.


Krabi is a peaceful and safe compared to other Thai destinations (the others are hardly terrible by any means though). Common sense takes a very long way. However there may be pickpockets so keep always money in secure places where they can not access.

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