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Koh Lanta is located just under 100 mil south of Bangkok on the Thai west coast. The island is 27 kilometers long and often only half a mil wide. Far south is the highest peak 500 meters. Large parts of the island is still covered with rainforest. Almost all the beaches and bungalows located along the west coast, where the eastern beaches are poor and have a lot of mangrove forests instead of beautiful beaches.

Travel to Koh Lanta

Travel to Krabi by bus or use the flight connections to Bangkok. These are the best starting points. The option name is Trang and the train and flight connections to Bangkok. It's also nice to come here with a boat from Phuket via Phi Phi Islands.

There are two ferries in Saladan, one for cars and passengers and only one passenger. From Krabi, boats daily. Tickets cost about 350 baht per leg. The boats also stop at Koh Jam. During high season there are daily boats to / from Phuket via Phi Phi Islands.

Bus + boat
The stretch Krabi to Koh Lanta takes two hours by minibus, and a short trip by ferry, that is, as long as you take the ferry directly. Departing every hour between 06:00 and 14:00 (at present). Minibuses from Trang runs every hour between 08:00 and 14:00.


ATMs can be found on several places on the island, and it is much cheaper to take out money than to go and change money from Swedish to Thai.


Hat Klong Dao
The best beaches in Koh Lanta lies on the west coast. A few minutes south of Saladan begins Hat Klong Dao, which is a three-mile bay of white and beautiful sandy beach. Hat Klong Dao is a bit quieter and fits nicely for families wishing to escape potential stressful beaches.

Ao Phrae Ae / Long Beach
Ao Phrae Ae (aka Long Beach) is located just over half a mil south of Saladan. The beach consists of fine white sand, which many considered the best on the Koh Lanta. To the north are still living backpackers while charter and those that require a higher standard living in the south

Ao Klong Kong
A few miles south lies Ao Klong Kong where the sand is a bit more rough and rocky in some places, both on land and in water. The beach is very nice and calm with coconut trees. This is the best beach on Koh Lanta for those who want to read books and meditate. It is gradually built on this beach, however, so how it looks in the future is hard to know.

Klong Nin
Klong Nin has a lot bungalows, nice restaurants and small places of varying standards. This is a peaceful oasis in the middle of the island, the perfect base for further explorations for those who are hungry for it.

The island's most beautiful beaches are just further down in the south. The sand which is finer-grained and the water clearer. The beaches are a bit smaller, has a backdrop of hills and jungle and accessible only through the more inaccessible roads, which often means that many are reluctant to visit them. Perfect for the otherwise calm and relaxing day barefoot.

Bamboo Bay
Bamboo Bay is located on the southern tip of the park Haad Take Noad. At the national park has more hard-packed sand and aquamarine water of a jungle around him.


Good standard with air conditioning in Long Beach: Relax Bay - More bamboo, more affordable, yet comfortable, with beautiful and quiet location: Lanta Sand River on Klong Nin - (Bungalows on the first line here is recommended). For more hotels see Hotels> Koh Lanta on


Most people eat right where they live. Are you tired of Thai food you can buy bread and pastries at Santos Café & Bakery at the bus station on the outskirts of Saladan. On the way to the park, you should eat at the restaurant, located at the waterfall, a small hook at the side of the road. Filled bagels, fresh fruit juice and Thai pancakes you can eat there. Cheap and good!

A similar site is located at the exit to Klong Nin and is called "I'm Pancake".

Entertainment and nightlife

Night life in Koh Lanta is the more meditative character, beer, sun and reggae. Otto Party Pub at Hat Klong Dao plays reggae and 70's songs in an airy, bamboo-inspired venue. By Prae Ae is the Reggae and House that apply. Along Ao Klong so keep Kong Cat Bar atmosphere up there with the Eagles, Tracy Chapman and roasted peanuts. Nice bars and restaurants with sun beds, oil lamps, beer and fried cashew nuts are also found along Klong Nin Beach.

Attractions and activities

Tham Khao Kaew May
A series of limestone caves in the middle of the island. Cave with stalagmites and stalactites is something of what is offered and a lagoon that is difficult to reach. Near the cave is a small restaurant whose owner can take action guide for a cheap price. Definitely worth the money - it's a maze to get around the area otherwise.

Waterfall Nam Tok
Waterfall Nam Tok is in our opinion, highly overrated. You get a light shower and a bath, but the case is not much more impressive than the shower at home. The funny thing is the journey there. A hand painted sign showing where the trail begins and then it's off through the dense jungle slowly through the green forest full of small birds and life. After 45 minutes you should have come to the waterfall.

Mu Koh Lanta National Park
Includes the island's southern tip and reefs, small islands off the coast. The bumpy road from Saladan ends at the park entrance. Unless the guard is asleep, you must pay 50 baht entry fee. The jungle here is really impressive. Among the high rainforest you can find monkeys, lizards, various colorful birds and eagles. The beach Haad Take Noad is really worth spending a couple hours on. The only way to get to the park is by rental car, moped or bicycle. Drinks and food can be bought near park office.

When you travel a short distance from Koh Lanta's coastal water becomes much clearer. Among the corals and rocks swim colorful small fish, stingrays and the occasional leopard. Many who take a trip to Koh Lanta also choose to take your diving certificate on the island. A course of four days costs about 3000 SEK, everything included. Are you just interested in diving on your trip costs around 420 euros with dykcert and all.

Three to four hours by boat from Koh Lanta you will find Hin Daeng and Hin Muang are among Southeast Asia's best diving spots. Hin Daeng is between 10 and 40 meters line of sight in the water. Sometimes there are good chances to see the really cool animals in the Andaman Sea here: Whale shark, stingray and gray reef sharks are often seen near Hin Daeng.

Hin Muang with a 70 meter steep cliff is Thailand's most steep underwater cliff. Visibility of 25 meters and a colorful and varied wildlife await. But take the strong currents in earnest. The place is not suitable for beginners. The three rocky peaks surrounded by a colorful life underwater with coral, lobsters, lion fish, Barracuda and mackerel. Leopardhai can be seen often, but to see the whale sharks are much more rare there.

On the uninhabited islands of Ko Ha Nua and Ko Ha Yai is cool caves. Clear view of the water is up to 25 meters. In the underwater cave at Ko Ha Yai hangs heavy formation drops of stone 30 feet above the surface.

On Ko Rok Nok, five mil south of the southern tip of Koh Lanta, you will find both corals, black shark, tuna, barracuda and sea turtles. At Hin Bidah often found leopardhai and barracudas.

Koh Lanta Diving Center organizing dive courses and trips to Hin Daeng and Hin Muang. Their office in Saladan found on

Laguna Fun Divers in Laguna Beach Club also arranges diving trips to Hin Daeng and Hin Muang. Tel 09-291 43 11 /

Elephant Trekking
Riding the elephants are possible in several locations, including Phra Ae and Ao Khlong Jak. At the latter, the journey through the dense jungle to the waterfall Nam Tok. A half day trip costs around 120 euros.

Sea kayak
Lanta Island Tours has kayak tours to the caves, beaches and mangrove forests. 075-68 40 42 /

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