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Bangkok is the sprawling capital city of Thailand and has about 8 million inhabitants. The city is one of the fastest growing cities in the whole of Asia and has over a thousand registered skyscrapers in Bangkok.

The city has a wild blend of western influence with Thai traditions and you can really find everything - modern shopping malls, cheap copies, real branded and designer clothes. The whole city is like a mixture of the beautiful and the ugly and everything fits really in it. Bangkok is hard to forget in a hurry for those who travel there for the first time.

See and Do in Bangkok

Attractions in Bangkok is not a direct short supply. There is everything to see and when you made it, there are a plethora more things to see and do. Here's a list of popular attractions.

Grand Palace
This is arguably the biggest tourist attraction in Bangkok. Grand Palace is almost in itself a small city with temples, palaces, museums, parks and more. Grand Palace is situated in western Bangkok, next to the great Chao Phraya River. If you go here, remember that it is a bit stricter dress code that applies - ie. no flip-flops, etc. and women should cover the shoulders.

The lying Buddha
In Wat Pho you can find it lying Buddha which is about 46 feet long. The entire temple area around the Buddha is fascinating and has over 300 active monks. Here is practiced massage, which can be bought for half an hour's relaxation of stiff muscles. Wat Pho is located on Soi Chetuphon Street, a side street of Thanon Maharat.

Jim Thompson's Thai House
Where to get through the street Soi Kasem Sane 2, Rama I will find Jim Thompson's Thai House. The house is a bit like a house taken from various locations around Thailand and then assembled in Bangkok. There is much to see at all and is well worth a visit if you make a trip to Bangkok. Hours are 9:00 to 16:30.


Chinatown in Bangkok is a fairly large area that consists of three major streets and a number of small side streets which in principle is always a lot of people. Want to experience the truly exotic, you've come to the right place ... Chinatown is located east of the Grand Palace.

The Golden Buddha (Golden Buddha)
The Golden Buddha is located in Chinatown at the temple Wat Traimit. This Buddha statue is about three feet tall and is made of more than five tons of pure gold. The golden Buddhanoch Wat Traimit find the intersection of Charoen Krung and Yaowarart.

Ormfarmen (Snake Farm)
By street Rama IV Road is an exciting ormgård where you include can see how to get rid of poison if you have been carved by a Cobra. Opening hours are normally 10:30 to 14:00 on weekdays.

The old town (Ancient City / Muang Boran)
This is a museum that has all the major attractions of Thailand in miniature. This museum will find a half-hour journey by bus outside of central Bangkok.

Lumpini Park
In Bangkok parks are not only beautiful to look at, but a necessity to get some distance from the heat, noise and pollution. Lumpini Park is located at the end of Silom Road in central Bangkok. There are activities for children and adults. It is partly possible to rent pedal boats.

Thailand's National Museum
In Bangkok, is Thailand's national museum, with in particular can see the various masks, instruments, weapons and items of pottery, together with the accompanying beautiful buildings. If you want to learn more about Thailand, this is definitely a place worth visiting. The museum is right on the Chao Phraya River, north of the Grand Palace. The completely open Wednesdays to Sundays 09:00 to 16:00.

Wat Mangkon
The largest temple in Chinatown is Wat Mangkon. Opening hours are at. 08:00 to 16:00. If you arrive in the morning, you will experience incense typical of ancient China. Follow the street Charoen Krung East to go to the temple.

Wat Suthat
Wat Suthat is a temple from the 1700s. You can find it on the side street Soi Sukha Faung Thanon Nakhon. Among other things, you will find an eight-meter high Buddha here.

Wat Arun

This is a very famous temple in Bangkok. It is very old as 82 meters high. Wat Arun on the other side of the Chao Phraya River, viewed from the Grand Palace. The tower is influenced by red style, and it is decorated with pieces of china. Open 8-17:00.

Southeast of Bangkok, you will find Erawanmuseet. The man behind this museum, is also the same person who created the ancient city (Ancient City). In the middle is where the great three-headed elephant that according to legend, editor of the Hindu god Indra. The Thai elephant named Erawan. The museum has many religious objects, but also statues and antiques.

Chatuchak Weekend Market
Chatuchak Market is situated on the street Kampaengpet, right at Chatuchak Park. Every weekend is a big market here. Some believe it is the world's largest. Some things are so you do not believe it until you experience it. Chatucha market is one of those things that might be in that category.

Dream World
The children's main attraction is perhaps the Dream World. This is located at the airport, Don Muang, about seven miles from central Bangkok. Dreamworld is open 10:00 to 17:00 on weekdays until 19:00 on weekends. You can take the train or bus to Dream World. The amusement park also has its own buses that can pick you up at the hotel.

Shopping in Bangkok

In Bangkok you can buy everything in a dual editions. This means that in addition to the originals, you can also buy copies of the same things. For those looking for what is typically Thai, is silk, to crafts and jewelry natural products good to buy. Clothes are cheap in Thailand and you can get a tailor to sew shirts, blouses, skirts, dresses or suits at prices lower than if you buy it on the HM in Sweden

There are many markets in Bangkok, and those are experiences in themselves. Try the Chatuchak Weekend Market in the street Kampaengpet. Every weekend is a big market there, in fact so great that some believe it is the world's largest. You can expect that prices are lower here than in shopping centers. And you can bargain if you wish. But bring water here is warm.

An alternative is the night market at Suan Lum, Lumpini Park, just south of Silom area. This is a market controlled by the government and is in a way quieter and more relaxing than Chatuchak. And prices are as low and the selection of goods is almost the same. For many, Suan Lum first choice.

Shopping malls
For large (very large) shopping mall in Bangkok, you do not immediately go far. The best area is perhaps Siam Square and the surrounding area. Here you will find the large shopping mall Siam Center, the elegant Siam Discovery Center and much more. You must not forget the center to the "King of Duty Free" by the name of King Power, and all the shops on the street Rangnam.

Many prefer MBK, a huge shopping center with more than 2000 stores and 150 large and small restaurants. MBK is located at Siam Square. Go west along the street, Rama I, or ask a taxi to drive you there.

Along the Chao Phraya river teeming with people and opportunities to shop for everything you could want. River City is Southeast Asia's largest art and antique center. The visit can be combined with a boat trip on the river and a visit to one of the great restaurants located in the area. River City is located at the famous Hotel Royal Orchid Sheraton and street Yota 23rd

Even more shopping
If you have not yet had enough, we suggest Patpongområdet in Bangkok, not far from Suam Lum. But here are some "Barker" to bars fighting for your attention with all kinds of eager approaches. The alternative is to take a walk between the World Trade Center and the Amari Watergate Hotel. Here you will find everything from pants, shoes, handbags and the like.

Hotels in Bangkok

There are many nice hotels in Bangkok. And hotels in Bangkok offer low prices compared to Europe. Although the quality is high, and the fact is that many hotels with three stars in Bangkok is about what you are accustomed to four-star hotel in Sweden and elsewhere in the Western world in terms of service and facilities. These hotels often cost more than 250 Swedish kronor per night for person in double room and many times much lower than that also exist.

Looking for really good value hotel, you can safely choose the cheaper so called. "Guest House". Compared to affordable hotels in major European cities like London, keep these hotels of good quality. And the price is usually less than 100 baht night including breakfast.

But we think you get so much more by buying you a little bit of quality in Bangkok. Service, friendliness and helpfulness is often quite amazing at our hotels in Bangkok. The following hotels are recommended:

Amari Atrium Hotel
Amari Atrium Hotel is located on New Petchaburi Road in central Bangkok. This is a very large hotel with almost 570 rooms. Here you are met by spectacular architecture and great service is a word that recurs whether to describe this hotel in Bangkok. Here you have to provide good service pool, sauna, whirlpool, massage, gym, two restaurants and a nice bar.

Amari Boulevard Hotel
Another Amari Hotels in Bangkok, located on a side street (Soi) at the famous Sukhumvit Road. The hotel is in between the size (about 210 rooms) and offers, among other pool, gym, bar and restaurants. If you like to have it close to shopping and entertainment you get it at this hotel. Otherwise you will find Amari Boulevard Hotel at Sukhumvit Soi 2 5th

Novotel Bangkok
This Novotel Hotel in Bangkok is a bit like a meeting place for tourists around Siam Square and houses 429 rooms. Modern, many facilities and good service is something you can expect here. Among the facilities you will find two restaurants, five bars, a nightclub and a nice pool. All rooms have air conditioning, minibars, safes and internet access. The address: 392/44 Siam Square Soi 6th

Twin Towers Hotel
If you are looking for value for money or just a cheap hotel, this may be the hotel for you. Twin Towers Hotel is really huge with its 660 rooms that are found in 88 Rong Muang. The hotel has most facilities you could wish for, but is a bit remote so that you get to travel a bit to see central Bangkok. For those who want to sleep reasonably well and beyond the noise of Bangkok, this is a good option.

Narai Hotel
Located at 222 Silom Road and is a hotel in economy class. This is also a good hotel to choose if you want good access to Bangkok's Silom Road midway which also offers a lot of good prices in the shops, and more. At this hotel you also get close to a pen. Skytrain station, making it a great base for exploring Bangkok. Among the facilities you will find a swimming pool, gym, restaurant, bar and internet access. This is really a three star hotel, but among the visitors, it is usually many who believe that there is a four star - at least those who have been lucky and got one of the renovated rooms.

Peninsula Hotel
Peninsula Hotel is often cited as one of the world's best hotels. You can find it right next to Bangkok's mighty Chao Phraya River. Peninsula Hotel, no less than 34 floors of pure luxury and service. All facilities available and excellent restaurants await you here.

Oriental Hotel
Opposite the Peninsula Hotel is Bangkok's venerable Oriental Hotel. Just to enjoy a lunch or breakfast on the veranda overlooking the river make this hotel worth a visit. The location is good and solid in this 125 year old hotel.

Food and restaurants in Bangkok

One of the best experiences you can have in Bangkok is all the food. Not only is Thai food fantastic, but the price level is also comfortably low. The exception is the wine that can be quite expensive in Thailand.

In Bangkok you will find food from all parts of the world, so you do not eat Thai food if you do not want. Many of the restaurants in Bangkok are good and high quality. One tip is to be careful with the use of ice cubes. Just ice is something you should accept most of you are on a more luxurious restaurant. Remember that bacteria is different in Bangkok than back in Sweden.

The Thai food is usually based on the tastes of sweet, sour, salty and creamy. A good Thai law is characterized by a mixture of the different taste sensations. Not entirely otippad so is rice an important ingredient in most dishes served in Thailand. Otherwise, the Thais eat both meat and fish. The seafood dishes are often served and grilled meat dishes are very popular.

The best restaurants are found mostly in hotels. Do not be afraid of the hotel's luxurious and extravagant appearance - the food is cheaper than you're used to and what you expect. We recommend Siam and Sukhumvitområdet and its side streets. At both locations, there are many good restaurants that are of high quality. Here are some of the restaurants we recommend in Bangkok:

Senor Pico's
This is a nice Tex Mex restaurant located at Hotel Rembrandt in the side street to Sukhumvit Soi 18. It is a nice place to visit if you are traveling with children. The restaurant serves familiar Mexican dishes such as nachos and fajitas. Rembrandt Hotel also has other restaurants, so if you want to try Italian food test the Da Vinci restaurant with its Italian chef.

Hard Rock Cafe
This cafe is an experience. A little thicker than some other Hard Rock Cafes, but with the familiar (and some ladies) menu. Hard Rock Cafe has been on Siam Square since 1991 (Siam Square, Soi 11). The place is open between 11:00 and 02:00.

Benihana chain
A nice Japanese restaurant where you not only need to eat sushi. Meat and poultry cooked directly on the tables where you sit. Here it is as much "show off" the cooking and the restaurant can be found on the street Charoen Nakhon 1-3 at the Marriott Royal Garden.

Sea Food Market
Sea Food Market is located on the side street Sukhumvit Soi 89th The little Formica-like interior is very special and at this restaurant selects raw materials (such as lobster, fish and accessories) and it may then cooked, grilled, fried or whatever you want.

Cabbage and Condoms
Cabbage and Condoms is located on Sukhumvit Soi 12th It is a bit strange name reflects a desire to control the birth and the fight against AIDS. The restaurant serves excellent Thai food that is very affordable / cheap.

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