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Hua Hin is a very old and traditional destinations and is about 20 mil south of Bangkok. The king lives most of the time here, making it the main reason that the place has become so popular among Thais. And since the king loves to swim, the sea is naturally clean.

A certain air of time gone by and elegance surrounds still Hua Hin and Bangkok over the class with their favorite destination. The city's beautiful railway hotel, now renamed and fransktägt provides both nostalgia and history that exceeds both the Raffles in Singapore and the Oriental in Bangkok.

The beaches are good but not exceptional. Hua Hin's main advantage is peaceful, atmosphere and good food, especially seafood dishes.

Cha Am is only 20 minutes from Hua Hin, but has a completely different character. Maybe you could call it a more obscure character. Full on weekends, empty on weekdays. It is less about swimming and sunbathing, more about beach pick tion with cool bags, sticky rice and Mekong whiskey. Recently, Cha Am small hotels and inns have been joined by skyscrapers and big buildings, but they are still not in the majority. Cha Am is quiet - even quieter than Hua Hin. Hua Hin has a small center that offers the market, post office, bank, ATMs and railway station. But spending more time along the beach and the long, quiet street Ruamjit Road. There lies most of the restaurants, hotels and hostels.

The journey there

Both Apollo and Star Tour charter flights to Hua Hin and Cha Am. One can also fly regular flights to Bangkok by train, bus or taxi to Hua Hin and Cha Am. Travel time approx. three hours (the train about four hours).

Charter is of course a variety of flights to Hua Hin and Cha Am, best is to consult with a travel agent for best prices and most flexible (and to avoid any hidden costs to go on the charter). Travel to Hua Hin is easy with regular flights + train, bus or taxi to Hua Hin or Cha Am. Travel time is only a few hours from Bangkok.

Travelling around

Both Hua Hin and Cha Am is so small places that it works well to go to most places. The heat, however it is better to take a motorcycle taxi, the cost is rarely more than around 20 baht. Between Hua Hin and Cha Am, it is easiest to just take a local bus.


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Tourist Office in Hua Hin is located on the corner of Thanon Phetkasem and Thanon Damnoen Kasem. In Cha Am is located at the tourist office at Phetkasem highway, Near Rat Kapi Road.

Khao Takiab
Khao Takiab is a small temple just south of Hua Hin. The temple is located high in the mountains (also called Chopstick Hill). Bring your camera. The view is excellent, but the best photos are likely to be on all monkeys that are there, they come very close.

Wat Hua Hin
Wat Hua Hin is located centrally in the city. Uniquely decorated on both sides, and thanks. Inside the temple you will find such a Buddha, where you can add a lotus flower at his feet. Do not go in shorts or dull clothing when you walk into this temple.

Khao Luang
An hour's journey north lies the spectacular cave Khao Luang. There is a Buddha statue in this dripping wet environment where the sunlight helps to create magic with his beams. Best time to take photographs is between 14 and 15:00.

Just outside Cha Am, King Rama VI built the palace Phra Ratchaniwet Marukhathayawan. It was designed by an Italian architect and was completed 1923rd Peace Full and fluffy.


Cha Am is not directly suitable for shopping, so if you fancy it go then instead of Hua Hin, which has a much wider range of things to buy.

Thai silk
Among the finest in the world and can be purchased for one low price here. Skilled tailors can sew anything you want.

Is plenty of that, but note that you need a permit from the Department of Fine Arts, to fly home the Buddha statuettes and antiques from the country.

Jade Stone
Considered to be beneficial and protect against disease. Large selection of charming objects and various jewelry.

Gold and silver
The prices of gold is very low, but be careful that it is the real thing.

Buy home festive jars with interesting spices that will bring an extra spice to your cooking at home.

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