Packaging: What to bring to Thailand

Packaging: What to bring to Thailand

How to prepare for your Thailand holiday? There are items that you will definitely want in your suitcase, if not before you board your flight, at least after you have checked into the hotel and found a nice convenience store to buy these things from, especially since not all of these items are available in an average K-Mart at home. Whether you need it all depends on the weather in Thailand at the time (or region of Thailand you are visiting), but mostly they are necessary throughout the year.

Insect repellent: This is an absolute must! More so if you travel in Thailand's summer season, and also one of the many, many reasons that should dissuade you from choosing a bottom-of-the-barrel accommodation: no air-conditioning system means that you will open the window just to breathe and then the open blood-sucking season. Mosquito repellent in the form of lotion is good, but you might consider insect-repellent bands as well, either worn on the ankle or wrist: creams and lotions might be diluted with sweat. And in the tropics, you will sweat a lot! Sunblock: Do you happen to come from Britain? Be warned: in Thailand, the sun will burn the skin and that's all sunny, always lock the monsoon season (but even then you still will see more sunshine than you do in an entire British-years). Bring sunscreen and apply it generously when you want to take a walk around Bangkok or Chiang Mai, otherwise you will find yourself limited to evening and very early walks on morgonen.Nätadapter: Unless you are from Hong Kong or other countries that use 220V 50Hz electrical outlet, you want an AC adapter or two to keep your smart phone, electric shavers, and iPods go. Electrical outlets in Thailand accepting two flat pins or two flat pins with ground pin. Prepare accordingly. (You can rent one from the hotel above a certain price range, but if you are backpacking through the boarding house, consider bringing your own.) Bottles of water: This is something of a no-brainer: when you are on a tour of Chiang Mai or Koh Samui you can find yourself dehydrated, which can have all kinds of side effects that you do not want: dizziness, nausea, and gastrointestinal complications. Buy a bottle of water or take a room, and keep dricka.Kläder: You want the lightest wear you received. Short jeans, sleeveless tops, and the like should be the order of the day. However, remember that if you plan to visit a Buddhist temple as part of your excursion through Thailand, should you choose to dress quite sensibly in line with respect for local beliefs. So shorts do not need to show off your underwear and tops do not let the whole world, count your every chest hair one by one. Imagine going to church, but less täppt.Wheeled bag / suitcase: Take an empty, if you can, and keep with you just to go shopping, because chances are good that you will buy a lot of interesting memorabilia, souvenirs and gifts from Night Market or the Walking Street in Chiang Mai and other arts and crafts centra.Paraplyer: Not so much for the rain to the sun. Alternatively, the wide-brimmed hats and caps that do just as well to keep your brain boils over and streaming from ears. Just kidding: it's not so hot, but it's warm enough to have something over your head will be something you will quickly learn to appreciate (if you're from Australia or sunny California and is already used to it). Sunglasses can be a good idea, liksom.Skor: Just as the clothes you should pack, it should be easy. Heavy formal shoes and stiletto heels will kill your feet in no time and the footpath is not just baby-smooth skin. Lightweight sneakers, sans socks and slippers are great. Buying disposable flip-flops when you have reached your destination is wise också.Deodorant: If you do not honestly smells like Chanel No. 5, while sweating like a pig, would you like deodorant. A lot of it. Oh, and take something for the feet as well, for that sweat will stink up more than your armpits.

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